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Servicing the UXO and explosives industry since 2007.


Bonetti Explosives's unique two-part, patented shape charge is designed to produce a one inch hole in steel one inch thick.  It is all plastic, self centering and comes with attachment straps that work in all weather.  This product provides a large enough diameter hole for visual inspection. 


 Unique two-part, patent pending, all plastic shaped charge. These shaped charges do not require any special shipping or storage requirements, they easily accept det cord, are self adhering to their targets, fire with only 18 grain det cord and produce large diameter holes.  Whether it is used for de-mil, BIP or regular demo, this shaped charge will often be the best choice. 


The shaped charges typically used in the UXO field until now were designed for the oil field.  These shaped charges have awkward metal clips, high shipping cost, storage regulations and require lots of time and tape to hold them on.  While they may be perfect for the oil field they fall short for applications in the UXO industry.  

  • Faster than most binaries available (nearly 25,000 fps).

  • Reduced shipping costs, can be shipped under limited quantity exemption  by UPS and FedEX.

  • Self inerts in the event of a ripped bag or low order.

  • Reliably detonated by less expensive 18 grain cord, yet not overly sensitive.

  • Moldability allows for cutting costs by doing more with less.

  • When separated, both parts are no more hazardous than household chemicals.

  • No special storage requirements in most states.

  • No wait time after initial mixing.

  • Only mix what you need when you need it

MATTANITE is a moldable binary bag charge. In the unmixed state, no explosive shipping or storage is required.

Shipped in vacuum sealed packaging.

  Mold to shape, place, blow.

Pour liquid activator into MATTANITE powder.

Twist bag, shake for 30 seconds. Tape or tie shut.

Material Documented As Safe
Bonetti Explosives provides the transition of de-miling munitions debris to civilian recycling. We will provide you with
  • Letter of receiving
  • Confirmed and signed 1348 form
  • Final destruct letters of de-mil and smelting
Safe. Secure. Final

Two storage locations in Texas.

  •   Storage of All Classes of Explosives, Fireworks, Arms, & Ammunition

  •  Magazine space for rent.

  • For government and private sectors.

  •  Location Rental, Put your magazine on our property. 

  •  Limited magazines available for rental delivery to your location

  • Contingency Options


Legal. Safe. Secure.
Bonetti Explosives offers customized training to civilians and law enforcement in our customized laboratory and dedicated demolition range. Contact us for classes.
Recognize. Respond. Survive.
In certain cases we can relieve companies of unwanted explosives as well as certain chemicals. Our logistics department can assist you with many shipping options.
We can dispose of small arms ammunition through an environmentally friendly recycling program. Contact us for all of  your small arms disposal needs.
Bonetti Explosives holds a Type 10 FFL and can legally transfer your firearms for disposal. We destroy all weapons in accordance with BATFE regulations. 


Bonetti Explosives

PO Box 116

Columbus TX 78934

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